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Minimum value 100mm, maximum value 2400mm
Minimum value 100mm, maximum value 2400mm

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Mercury is the smallest planet with a diameter of almost 4880 kilometers. With an average sun distance of about 58 million kilometers, the sun's closest and thus fastest planet in the solar system.

It has the largest temperature fluctuations of all planets with a maximum daily temperature of around +430° C and a night temperature of -170° C.

Its size and chemical composition make it one of the earth-like planets.

Because of its proximity to the sun, it is difficult to observe from the earth, since it reaches a maximum angular distance of about 28° from the sun. It can be seen only in the evening or in the morning sky for a maximum of an hour, while the daytime is telescopic. Details on its surface can be seen from a telescope opening of about 20 cm, if it is relatively close to the earth four times a year.

Named is Mercury according to the "god messenger" Mercurius, the Roman god of traders and thieves.

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Model: UNI1000001
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